When I first heard about a nursery  “Where global warming does not exist”  I thought I’d have to see this  place for myself, not that I really  believed it at the time  but a rainforest frog has to have a holiday somewhere!

So after a few hours sunbaking on the beach under my favourite palm tree and a few happy snaps for the family back home – that’s me in the lower right hand corner of their business card –  I was off to Pickos Plants at the Beach.

Well, on arrival I could not believe my eyes!   The first thing I noticed that it was only a hop skip and a jump from the main beach of Yeppoon located smack bang in the centre of town. Talk about convenient. Then I saw a lawn that was greener than me!  It actually made me feel quite pale.

I stealthily climbed up one of the steel posts to the top of the fence to have a good look and see what they sold there. Crikey! when I saw what they fitted into this place my eyes nearly bulged out of my little green head. Everything a human would want for their garden.  Plants, pots, fertilizers, herbs, potting mix, garden ornaments, fruit trees, indoor plants, cactus, orchids water features and there was even a gift shop.

I overheard the big guy who looks like he runs the place telling a customer that they have gift vouchers and give free landscaping advice too. I pinched myself  as I thought I might have been dreaming.  Here was a paradise in the heart of Yeppoon where the owners were greener than Bob Brown!  What more could a frog ask for?

So next time you’re in Yeppoon come on down and visit us at Picko’s Plants at the Beach.   We would all love to see you.



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