The easiest part of a vegetable patch is digging it up.  The hard part starts from there on. Once you have your vegetable patch dug up and ready to go,  apart from your vegetable plants here are some of the things that you will need to use to have a successful crop.

Whether you garden organically using chook, cow or other manures or use NPK fertilizers plants are just like people – No food –  No grow.

Then there’s products like potash which promote flowering and in turn means more fruit .  Actually in some cases potash can sweeten the taste of your fruit and also colour the foliage of plants.

Then there’s Dolomite/Lime which is used for adding calcium into the soil.  Calcium lifts your PH level and is needed by most vegetables but is very important when growing tomatoes as it prevents blossom end rot.  That’s what happens when your tomatoes are getting close to pick and all of a sudden the end of the tomatoes go black – Bugger!

Regular watering is a must.  Depending on the time of the year, whether or not you have used mulch you need to water your vegetables at least every second day.    No doubt you all have probably heard someone remark that it is cheaper to buy vegetables than to grow them yourself.  That may be true in some cases but when I hear this comment I just think to myself how many times have PESTICIDES  been used on vegetables that I am buying from the supermarket.

Unless vegetables are grown organically this is all the motivation I need to grab my shovel and get planting.  So go ahead and give it a go.   I can assure you that your efforts will be rewarded 10 times over.


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